At Petaluma Open MRI, our 0.3 Tesla Open Magnet is the strongest “Open” magnet in Sonoma County. The Hitachi AIRIS II is a high performance premium Open MR system that delivers superior image quality using the latest clinical applications.
The award winning gantry design of AIRIS II combined with high-speed gradients, digital phased array RF system, state-of-the-art computer system, and vertical field magnet technology allow for high performance imaging without sacrificing patient comfort. AIRIS II is the combination of performance and comfort you expect from Hitachi, the world leader in Open MR. Because the magnet is open on three full sides, we can accommodate severely claustrophobic and larger patients. Not only does it provide a comfortable experience, the Hitachi AIRIS II captures diagnostic images of superior quality. Patients may also listen to their favorite music while their scan is being performed.